Sarah Burke



Windermere/Central Oregon Real Estate

695 Mill View

Bend, OR 97702

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Office: (541) 388-0404




Website: http://www.asksarahburke.com

License Number: 200010100

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Real Estate Broker

As a critical care specialist, involved in building capable, well-oiled and healing teams of doctors and nurses, Sarah Burke’s past life was all about taking care of people.  Sarah brings that same focus, compassion and attention to her clients as a real estate professional.  Sarah’s energies are now directed towards helping people find their perfect home and make wise investments in commercial real estate, and she’s every bit as committed to their well being!   

The magic that Sarah brings to these transactions is really very simple – she treats each transaction as if it were a member of her own family buying or selling property – and she really likes her family!  

If you remember nothing else, remember this:  Sarah’s fundamental operating principle is this:  prompt, responsive, patient– oh yeah…and, a lot of fun too!